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"食べ放題" (tabehoudai) is all-you-can-eat buffet. This is one of my favorite style restaurants. For a reasonable price, I can have a great selection of different varieties of food and fulfill my tummy as much as I want. Perhaps this is the reason why Las Vegas is one of my favorite travel destinations.

By the same token, "読み放題" (yomihoudai) means all-you-can-read and is the name of my weblog as you can see. My love of buffet inspires me to come up with this not quite standard Japanese term. Now, you can guess the purpose of my blog - to present numerous variety of topics related to Japan through my perception. Language, people, culture, history, politics, economics, strange things, cute things, good things, bad things, big things, little things, you name it... This site is dedicated to people who have a passion about Japan as a country, which has both positive and negative sides.

For the Japanophiles, I have to warn you that once in a while, you will come across my two cents on some disturbing facts of Japan that are either unaware of or people avoid talking about. However, I am no Japan-basher either (otherwise I won't be doing what I am doing right now). While I am still learning things about Japan myself, I hope my blog provides a conducive environment for other people to come into contact with this unique and fascinating country - may it be sweet, sour, bitter, spicy or salty! So enjoy and read as much as you want!


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