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Maguro"ねぎとろ丼" (negitorodon) means green onion and raw tuna fish over a bowl of rice. Like a lot of other Japanese cuisines, this is an extremely easy recipe with no cooking required except for boiling the rice. The Mitsuwa close to where we live is having a sale on minced raw tuna today so we rushed there to grab a couple of packages. Minced raw tuna is usually cheaper than the nicely cut sashimi because it is made from the odd-shaped bits of meat that cannot be sold as sashimi. However, the quality is just as good I think.

Serving for one person:
1 package of minced raw tuna from Japanese grocery store (Wasabi included)
All-you-can-eat green onion, diced
All-you-can-eat "Nori" seaweed, diced
All-you-can-eat warm rice

Mix minced raw tuna with green onion and nori seaweed. Pour over rice. Top with wasabi and sprinkle with soy souce.

Japanese cooking is indeed a simple art!


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