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Tongue Twisters

I have learned several Japanese tongue twisters "早口言葉" (hayakuchikotoba) but still cannot master them. Boy! I tell you, these are tough and just drive me nuts!

(namamugi, namagome, namatamago)
Raw wheat, raw rice, raw eggs.

(akamakigami, aomakigami, kimakigami)
Red rolled paper, blue rolled paper, yellow rolled paper.

(akapajyama, aopajyama, kipajyama)
Red pajama, blue pajama, yellow pajama.

(tonari no kyaku wa yoku kaki kuu kyaku da)
The guest next to me eats persimmons a lot.

(bouzu ga byoubu ni jouzu ni bouzu no e wo kaita)
A monk drew a nice picture of a monk on a folding screen.

(kaeru pyoko pyoko mi pyoko pyoko awasete pyoko pyoko mu pyoko pyoko)
Frogs jump three "pyoko pyoko (jumping sound)", in total of six "pyoko pyoko".

(uraniwa niwa niwa niwa niwa niwa niwatori ga iru)
There are two chickens in the backyard and two in the front yard.

(sumomomo momo momomo momo momomo iroiro aru)
Plum is a kind of peach, and peach is also a peach. There are many kinds of peach.

(toukyou tokkyo kyoka kyoku)
Tokyo Patents Licensing Office. (Actually there is no such office with this name in Japan.)


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Hi -
For the pajama one, I've heard it with "cha-pajama" added too:
don't forget also:
バスガス爆発 Basu gasu bakuhatsu - The bus explodes from gas.
and the name 高橋貴史 Takahashi Takashi.

I've actually heard two of those before -- 生麦、生米 from the recent Mikomiko Nurse OP fad and バスガス爆発 from Azumanga Daioh.

I'd also like to add to the pajama one, with
ルンパッパのパジャマ (Runpappa no pajama).

Well, I say I'd like to, but that addition would be simply... ludiculous. (lord I apologize)

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