August 22, 2004

Beautify Your Brain & Supplement Your IQ

I have been enjoying a TV show called "脳内エステ IQサプリ" broadcasted every Saturday night here in the Bay Area. The title of the show literally means "Beautify Your Brain, Supplement Your IQ" and this program is designed to release the stress in your brain by making you think! The more you think with your brain, the more beautiful it becomes!

Each episode presents several interesting IQ questions to test your brain's analytical, mathematical, intuitive and language abilities. Last night, I learned a couple more Japanese tongue twisters "早口言葉" (hayakuchikotoba) related to my previous post:

(oyagamome, kogamome, hanegamome, magogamome)
Parent sea gull, kid sea gull, wing sea gull, grandchild sea gull. (Doesn't necessary make sense.)

(okyaku ga kaki mukya hikyaku ga kaki kuu. hikyaku ga kaki mukya okyaku ga kaki kuu. okyaku mo hikyaku mo yoku kaki kuu kyaku hikyaku ja.)
When the guest peels persimmon the messenger will eat it. When the messenger peels persimmon the guest will eat it. Both the guest and the messenger are persimmon eaters.
(Super difficult!)

This TV show not only beautifies my brain but also teaches me Japanese!

May 28, 2004

Ping Pong

Check this out. Just amazed by how they could perform the whole thing so seamlessly. Well, another form of creativeness by the Japanese!

What they did on this TV show reminded me of the traditional Japanese performing arts called "文楽" (bunraku) in which three puppeteers dress all in black to control one puppet. I would like to see a live Bunraku show when I go to Japan next time!