May 27, 2004


Japanese are definitely a creative breed of people. You can pretty much tell from the products that they design to the animations that they produce, everything is full of imagination and innovation. Another area that the Japanese are good at, I think, are making Flash movies. From time to time, I'll bump into some Flash files on the web created by Japanese which are quite eye-opening. I took two classes in Flash before but that didn't make me a Flash artist. However, after going through the training myself, I do come to realize the laborious process involved in making the movies and I can appreciate a lot more when I see others' works.

The content of many Japanese Flash movies out there are language dependent - meaning you have to have a certain level of Japanese language comprehension in order to fully enjoy the movies. But I was able to find some that are quite language independent or with English version so non-speakers can enjoy also. I do recommend that you have broadband internet connection and Flash plug-in for your browser to play the following files:

Japanese type of sophistication
Japanese sense of humor
Japanese form of cuteness
An open source project with famous ASCII characters
Another version of the project with the same music